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My Oliver rotary phase converter

Fay & Egan 12 Model 316 12 inch jointer

Oliver Machinery Co. Model 232 14 inch tablesaw

DeWalt 14 inch GA radial arm saw

Oliver Machinery Co. Model 91-D hollow chisel mortiser

Oliver Machinery Co. 15 inch disk sander

DeWalt 14 inch GA radial arm saw

Powermatic PM100 12 inch surface planer

Yates-American J18 18 inch surface planer

Yates-American J145 Oscillating Spindle Sander

DeWalt / AMF GA55 14" Radial Arm Saw.

Origins Purchasing Repair Restoration

This saw was used at Southern Illinois University.

Purchased at a State Surplus auction in Springfield, Illinois.

I have not tested this saw yet, but my expectations are that no repairs are needed other than a new fence.

I hope and expect not to restore this saw. It is in great shape, no rust and everything works and moves freely. If I get really bored some day, I may strip and repaint it, but neither is likely.