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My Oliver rotary phase converter

Fay & Egan 12 Model 316 12 inch jointer

Oliver Machinery Co. Model 232 14 inch tablesaw

DeWalt 14 inch GA radial arm saw

Oliver Machinery Co. Model 91-D hollow chisel mortiser

Oliver Machinery Co. 15 inch disk sander

DeWalt 14 inch GA radial arm saw

Powermatic PM100 12 inch surface planer

Yates-American J18 18 inch surface planer

Yates-American J145 Oscillating Spindle Sander

Yates-American J18 Planer Restoration.

Origins Purchasing Relocation Repair Restoration


Joe called one day and asked if I would like the planer. I said "yes". I have not had a chance to talk more about where he acquired the planer, but will do so in the coming months.


I received this planer from a local man. In addition, I got an Add-a-Phase made by Ronk in Nokomis, IL to run it.


I loaded this onto a trailer in the early December snowstorm. When I got it home, I had to leave the truck and trailer on the street for a couple days until the ice in my driveway melted. I was unable to back it up the slope. (reverse with trailer + incline + ice = SIDEWAYS).


The machine is in working condition. Joe ran some walnut through it before I picked it up. The infeed speed shifter is broken and will have to be replaced if possible. I sent Yates-American an email inquiring about parts, but they have yet to return. In fact, I sent them several emails now... no response.


No restoration thoughts yet. I will hold off until its warmer anyway.