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My Oliver rotary phase converter

Fay & Egan 12 Model 316 12 inch jointer

Oliver Machinery Co. Model 232 14 inch tablesaw

DeWalt 14 inch GA radial arm saw

Oliver Machinery Co. Model 91-D hollow chisel mortiser

Oliver Machinery Co. 15 inch disk sander

DeWalt 14 inch GA radial arm saw

Powermatic PM100 12 inch surface planer

Yates-American J18 18 inch surface planer

Yates-American J145 Oscillating Spindle Sander

Powermatic PM100 Planer Restoration.

Origins Purchasing Relocation Repair Restoration


This was originally purchased by Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois. It was used in their museums department until around 2004.


I purchased this from a government surplus auction in Springfield, IL.




Norestoration thoughts yet. I will hold off until its warmer anyway.

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